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About Us

Welcome to Studio Twenty Four. Studio Twenty Four is on a mission to inspire everyone and anyone to wear what they want anytime, anywhere. We'd like to bring out the confidence in you so let us try, from us to you.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, we only have one end goal in mind; confidence. We believe that everyone should be able to wear what they want, no matter what the society perceive it as. You are meant to be you.

A Message from our Founders

“One should be able to find the confidence from within to be themselves. Whether you’re not what society label you as normal, you should carry on being who you are. Never let others bring you down just for being yourself.” Co Founder, Dani Raman

“In this day and age, people are still finding themselves. Even if it’s trying to fit in or to be their real self, it’s still a prevalent and on going issue. However, we strive to help our generation find that confidence in them. Changing uniqueness and individuality to the new normal.” – Co Founder, Sara Chong