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Staying Positive #4 - Tricia (@tr.ivia) Shares Her Story With Us!

“Through my many years on social media, I’ve been through so many things, be it good or bad... 

Staying happy throughout all of these situations can be very tough as social media seems like something you have to put a good front to and not show the ugly sight to others.

This then leads you to be yourself. Yet what I’ve learnt over these times was to always, always stay confident. 

Always be yourself...

Do not compare yourself to others...

You are good enough and you will always be! 

Even if sometimes there is hate, it is completely normal. DO NOT ever be affected by it. Even if you are, learn to be stronger, learn to accept yourself! 

Stay aware and be a greater you! I hope you guys stay happy and strong and wonderful 🥰

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