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Staying Positive #3 - Chloe (@chloecloudy) Shares Her Story with Us!


“When I was in secondary school, I’ve always been super self-conscious of my weight and remembering feeling “too fat” 24/7. 

3 years and +6kg later, I looked back and thought…

“Why would I ever think that I was fat?”

“I’d be contented to stay in that shape”

This is when it hit me that I’d never be happy no matter how much weight I lose as it all lies within our own perspective. And maybe, years down the road we’ll look back on where we are today and thought the same thing.

This is when I started to love my body no matter in what shape or size.

Truth is, there will always be someone better than you. There are literally models with perfect figures and still think that they’re not skinny enough.

You can’t change what everyone thinks of you, but you can change what you think of yourself.”



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