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Staying Positive #2 - Jeynelle Ng (@buffbaby88) Share’s an Inspiring Story with Us!

“Being someone that got known through TikTok for her weight loss journey , I’ve been sharing almost but not all raw moments of my life. Many have seen my ups but being a positive influence doesn’t mean it comes from all rainbows and sunshine’s.

I was once that girl that nobody really liked because of my ignorance & my blind spot to caring about other’s feelings.

I was overweight and insecure, constantly seeking validations and reflecting my insecurities on others.

I came from a toxic place.

But what made me change was when I realised how much my actions could break or make somebody, and how much difference I could make if I started spreading positivity in a place full of people that really needed this push to see the good in life.

I’m still learning and working on self-growth, while I continue to advocate on mental health, happiness & self -love.

I love what I do & I’ll never stop content creating to allow others to see the hope that I saw in myself, a change for a better me.”

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