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Staying Positive #4 - Tricia (@tr.ivia) Shares Her Story With Us!

“Through my many years on social media, I’ve been through so many things, be it good or bad...  Staying happy throughout all of these situations can be very tough as social media seems like something you have to put a good front to and not show the ugly sight to others. This then leads you to be yourself. Yet what I’ve learnt over these times was to always, always stay confident.  Always be yourself... Do not compare yourself to others... You are good enough and you will always be!  Even if sometimes there is hate, it is completely normal. DO NOT ever be affected by it. Even if you are, learn to be stronger, learn to accept yourself!  Stay aware...

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Staying Positive #3 - Chloe (@chloecloudy) Shares Her Story with Us!

  “When I was in secondary school, I’ve always been super self-conscious of my weight and remembering feeling “too fat” 24/7.  3 years and +6kg later, I looked back and thought… “Why would I ever think that I was fat?” “I’d be contented to stay in that shape” This is when it hit me that I’d never be happy no matter how much weight I lose as it all lies within our own perspective. And maybe, years down the road we’ll look back on where we are today and thought the same thing. This is when I started to love my body no matter in what shape or size. Truth is, there will always be someone better than you. There...

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Staying Positive #2 - Jeynelle Ng (@buffbaby88) Share’s an Inspiring Story with Us!

“Being someone that got known through TikTok for her weight loss journey , I’ve been sharing almost but not all raw moments of my life. Many have seen my ups but being a positive influence doesn’t mean it comes from all rainbows and sunshine’s. I was once that girl that nobody really liked because of my ignorance & my blind spot to caring about other’s feelings. I was overweight and insecure, constantly seeking validations and reflecting my insecurities on others. I came from a toxic place. But what made me change was when I realised how much my actions could break or make somebody, and how much difference I could make if I started spreading positivity in a place full...

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Staying Positive #1 - Sara Chong, Our Co-Founder, Shares Her Story!

    “I have been body conscious since I was in primary school. Although I wasn’t picked on by it, there were people telling me what and how to make my body ‘better’. Inevitably, my brain keeps telling me that I am not perfect because of my facial features and body shape. Being in my early teens, I have struggled more as the early effects of puberty hits. I even tried ways of dieting and exercising but with no strong motivation. My turning point was during Circuit Breaker where I had ample time to myself. There I learnt to love and work on myself. Overall from what I’ve learnt so far is to not care about what others have to say and...

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